The Alkaline Diet


I want to give credit to Laura Wilson for writing the Alkaline 5 diet, and for keeping up her good works. She is a Nutritionist, a health coach, researcher and speaker. I've especially found that learning of a Vegan Diet has been helpful to be aware of ingredients in food, what is healthy or harmful.

I've tried this diet and it's worked brilliantly for me, especially when studying as it's been great for increased energy, healthier skin, and for losing weight when not being overly active. I also think it's great to be aware of what we put in our bodies in an increasingly polluted world. This diet is perfect as a gut cleanse or during a detox.

I particularly like her personal blog as she puts up videos of what a vegan diet looks like in practise. This is very helpful, and you'll find out how easy it actually is! Often when we look at recipes they can look complicated until you realise how it is done (at least if you're a visual learner like me). Check it out!

Please see Laura's blog and download the first chapter of her book and other recipes for free here:

I've read about many other types of diets and its benefits such as paleo, keto, gluten free, grain free, refined-sugar-free diets and so on. Stu and I do a mixture of these that works for us. We're all unique and need to find a diet that works for us.

I'm still on the journey to becoming a healthier version of myself, on the inside and out, and so are you.... therefore I hope this is helpful to add to your learning if interested in taking good care of your health!