Dry Brushing

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The benefits of dry brushing will exceed your expectations! I developed this daily habit earlier this year and seen tremendous results:

  • Cellulite support. I add Grapefruit essential oil to my dry brush for cellulite support!
  • Exfoliation. You're skin will feel super soft after a few days.
  • Lymphatic support. Stimulating the flow in your body helps your body to naturally detox.
  • Clean and smaller pores! Less breakouts, cleaner skin =
    healthy + more beautiful-looking skin.
  • Energy! I recommend doing this every morning to kick start your day. Why is this? Increased circulation of course!


So how do I dry brush?
You start by brushing upwards on your legs, and the idea is that you brush towards the heart on your whole body!

Where can I get one?
I got this bamboo dry brush on Amazon and love it!

How do I get essential oils?
The best and cheapest way to get essential oils into your home is to buy a kit