We're a Norwegian / British married couple currently living in Oslo, Norway and we're multi-passionate entrepreneurs. We love growth, we love adventure, travel, family, food, nature, healthy low-tox living, reading, journaling, sports, blogging, home, cultures and much more...

The picture you see is our wedding day. The day it all started. Some people say that life starts on your wedding day. It certainly is an adventure and a new path to walk down, and we've come across many fields, hills and mountains, but our love for one another remains.

We discovered that together we're better and stronger. Fighting for our connection and unity is our priority. We want to become the best version of ourself. We always look for growth and we believe in our dreams, passions and interests.

Both of us have a passion for making a difference to individuals in their health, to make their day brighter, lighten their spirit, or to support them in their health needs. We've found that health is achieved through you as a whole, your body, soul and spirit. 

Without the healthy body, "your temple", your soul, or mind, will not function optimally. Without the things that give you life, your spirit and soul suffers and your actions are affected. 

Start with taking TIME, SPACE and FREEDOM, with yourself and your health.

We're both passionate about a natural approach to health, and when we came across dōTERRA's philosphy for health and wellness; their company culture and story - we knew it was a perfect match. The belief to make a difference in the world, to bring hope and healing.

dōTERRA allows you to explore nature's gifts for your health needs physically, mentally and spiritually. These gifts of the earth are essential oils. The essence of a plant and its life and energy put into one bottle. They support up to 80 % of your health needs and help you live a VIBRANT life.

We both love creation and nature. Stu grew up surrounded by the Quantock Hills in the South West of England, a little bit like the Sound of Music. Gine grew up in a small town in Norway, with a big wild river running through the valley, views over miles of forrest, mountains, hills and lakes.

It's like water to the soul to be connected with Nature and God who created it. This is who we are and the life we live.

We teach about the foundation for health + wellness + essential oils. Good health with energy and vitality is achieved through proper nutrition, exercise, managing stress, sleep, and reducing toxic load by replacing GMO foods / synthetic products, such as fresh produce and natural products of high quality.

We've found that it's easy to use our buying power based on how much we value ourself. The problem is, if we don't value ourself, we don't buy quality products, and we lose out on a good quality of life and health. 

Our prayer for you who is reading this, is that you would believe that you are good enough, you are worth being healthy, you are worth feeling vibrant, full of energy and life. You are enough. 

When you value yourself and believe you're enough, you will discover who you truly are, your authentic you. You'll make decisions based on how you can be the best YOU, so that you can show up as the best YOU, and serve other people with your gifts and strengths.

We believe everyone is 'purposed' and we want to inspire you to have a healthy lifestyle on purpose, and serve you in your life-journey and purpose in life through the work we do in our business, by showing up to the world as who we truly are.

We'd love to help you get started with essential oils and welcome you to our community! 

Love from us,
Gine & Stuart Glover